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Accepting Scholarship Applications for the 2020
New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs
New York State Showpeople’s Association 
Annual Scholarship Program

 The NYSAAF and NYSSA offer an annual scholarship program which is available to students who are New York State residents, who currently are (or have previously been) active in a fair that is a member of the NYSAAF or the NYSSA and who plan to attend (or already attend) college in pursuit of a degree.  The fair where you have been active or the NYSSA must endorse your application and will submit it for you.  Our website offers a complete list of our member fairs. 

New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs Applicants: Applications submitted through the NYSAAF should be submitted to your local fair that you participate in.  Applicants may submit only one application. 

To provide financial assistance to those high school and college students who have been active in their local fairs and who intend to pursue or who are pursuing a degree.  Application is open to all applicants regardless of your field of study.  However, additional consideration may be given to those applicants pursuing a degree in a field related to agriculture, fair management or the outdoor amusement business.  All are encouraged to apply.

Up to ten $1,000 scholarships will be awarded for 2020.

Applicant must be in his/her senior year of high school in New York State or be a New York State resident already attending college and planning to pursue or already pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning. 

Student must submit his/her complete application to the member fair or the NYSSA by the FIRST Friday in April.

For further information and to complete an application visit:

Brookfield Speedway Sept. 20, 2019 Results


1st44c Stephen Denton 

2nd4 Jim Rothwell 

3rd23 Brandon Loucks 

4th7up Gary Smith 

5th110 Dana Camenga 

6th1A Harry Shaffer 

7th5H Allen Hodge 

8th71 Tim Falter 

9th73 Craig Pritchard 

10th33g Mike Graver 

11thT1 Charlie Tibbitts 

12th16 Aaron Jacobs 

13th627 Mike Mondak 

14th9K Butch Klinger 

15thM14 Moose Gulley 

16th80X Mike Button 

17th1x Willy Decker Jr 

18th10 Duane Knapp 

19thX Richard Gilpatric 

20th96 George Dyer 

21st73A Steve Anderson 

22nd818 Joe Orlando 

23rd91 Carl Bittenbender 

1/2 Leader44c Stephen Denton 

Hard Charger71 Tim Falter 

Brookfield Speedway Sept 20, 2019 Results

Pro Stock

1st Bret Belden 

2nd Kenny Gates 

3rd Jim Normoyle 

4th Steve Cosselman 

5th Andy Grave 

1/2 Leader Bret Belden 

Hard Charger Bret Belden 

Brookfield Speedway Sept 20, 2019 Results

Street Stock

1st3K Kurt Decker 

2nd16 Donald Briggs 

3rd77 Shane Wolf Jr 

4th1 Bob Crandall 

5th160x Jacob Fowlston 

6th11c Christopher White 

7th17s Ernie Staelens 

8th81 Dusty Decker 

9th0 Don Reeves 

1/2 Leader3K  Kurt Decker 

Hard Charger77 Shane Wolf Jr 


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